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Fact and Features About MITB’s Trust Deed Investing

Trust deed investing is basically lending money secured by a deed of trust. Essentially a loan is being made and that loan is secured by real property. Should the borrower default, the property provides the collateral for the loan.

  •  Average 10% APR on invested loans
  • Loan-to-Values never exceed 70%
  • Secured by Major Cities in Florida, Texas, Tennessee and Minnesota
  • Non-Owner Occupied Investor Loans Only

MITB’s Promise To Its Trust Deed Investors

  • Reserves

o Borrowers have 10% or $10,000 (based on the loan value and whichever is

o In addition, MITB has 15% cash on hand based on the loan value.

  • Contact Information

o Project Manager

o Finance Manager

o Response time within 24 hours

  • Monthly email regarding the project’s status.

o Brief Summary/Overview Paragraph

o Financial Snapshot Report

o Timeline Comparison

o Pictures


MITB Contact Us

MITB’s Bonus Benefits

  • Equity Partnership
  • This partnership consists from 2 to 4 parties that form up a LLC or Land Trust that puts down a significant down payment on upper middle class family homes that provide positive monthly cash flow to its share holders (YOU).